Ideas for Cruisers

by Lise Galipeau
(Hudson, Quebec, Canada)

Hi, I'm Lise from Just Easy Recipes and I would like to share what we do on Aruba.

We are cruise addicts LOL - we've been on 29 cruises so far as of January 2012, a lot of them in the Caribbean, but we've also cruised to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, and crossing the Atlantic.

But going back to the Caribbean is like going home and since we have been many times to Aruba, it's a familiar place to us as cruisers.

One time we rented a jeep (always wanted to drive in the Caribbean with the top down) to go around on our own. The jeep was not quite in the best shape, but it was fun anyway.

We picked-up the jeep right outside the terminal. We knew it was very easy to drive around, so we went left on the main road and went all the way to the end to the lighthouse. Then we stopped at Arashi Beach for some snorkeling. We took our time driving back, stopping at a few spots for pictures.

Went back to the terminal entrance and found a parking space. We went to the ship for lunch...hey we already paid for it and we know it's good, so why not.

After lunch, we got into the jeep again and this time went right, with a map in hand. We wanted to go see the Natural Bridge and other spots in that area.

We came back around 4pm with still lots of time before the ship left.

We are going on a cruise again at the end of March and Aruba is one of the ports. We are going snorkeling, like we have done many times before.

We go snorkeling to this little beach (no sand) that we found by pure luck: Boca Catalina/Malmok Beach where the snorkeling was the best off the beach. You just walk into the ocean and start snorkeling. The whole excursion costs us about $4.00 for BOTH of us! Can't beat it.

Check it out next time you are on a cruise or staying at a hotel.

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